Attention all Musicians, Music Venues, Dance Teachers, Folk and Blues Clubs, Radio Presenters, Poets, Festival Organisers, Music Shops and Music Industry People.
If you fit into any of the above, you need to read this.

Trad&Now is the longest running and only national magazine that regularly includes folk, blues, roots, bluegrass and world music and festival contact information to enable audiences to locate the music events that they may want anywhere in Australia.
It does this in its news and festival pages, in the Gig Guide, and in the past in a National Club, Dance and Radio Network Directory at the back of the magazine.
This has been replaced by a series of six separate bespoke directories strategically placed in relevant parts of the magazine.

Each directory includes a great deal more information about each entry, and the information will be kept up to date by having it checked regularly by ensuring that each contributor is a subscriber.
The six separate directories are categorised under Dance, Radio, Poets, Musicians/Performers, Festivals and Venues/Clubs/Industry.
If you fit into any of these categories and would like your additional information included in the new expanded directory, please complete the form below in 25 words or less and return it to us, and we will include the information in the next available edition.
Entries in the new expanded directory are completely free but we require someone connected to each entry to be a subscriber to the magazine to ensure that the information is kept up to date.
The entry will remain in the directory for as long as the subscription remains current and a subscription still only costs $55 for 1 year (8 editions) and includes a free compilation CD.

Click here for directory form