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About Us

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Trad&Now is an independent, monthly magazine that was established in 2002 to serve the burgeoning Australian folk, blues, roots, bluegrass, indy, alternative and world music and dance industry.

Trad&Now has become the longest running Australian national music magazine covering these genres and is primarily available by subscription in hard copy form from this website, as well as from all good newsagents throughout Australia.

Trad&Now is one of the few remaining hard copy national music magazines in the world and it’s only $66 to subscribe for 12 months (8 editions) and it includes a free compilation CD. Subscribers are also entitled to a free entry in one of the seven directories published in each edition of the magazine. Click on the Directory Offer form for more detail.

Trad&Now reaches thousands of people around Australia including the majority of folk performers, folk clubs, festival organisers, dancers and folk music enthusiasts around the country. It is a perfect medium for anyone wishing to reach this specific and difficult to get to market.

We receive a great deal of material about tours, new albums, festivals, events etc and because of severe space restrictions and other priorities, there is no guarantee that any material received will be published. However, advertisers are given priority, and editorial related to any advertising to support it is guaranteed.

Given the financial difficulties experienced by the music industry during the pandemic, we’ve purposely kept advertising costs extremely low starting from only $88 + GST for a full colour 1/8th page. Spread over a number of shows in a tour, the cost shared by each one is negligible. Similarly, when advertising a festival, the cost is covered by the sale of only a few tickets. Go to the link for advertising rates for all the various options.

As you’ll see from our website, we have the world’s largest selection of recorded Australian music in the genres covered by the magazine, in stock, ready for dispatch, anywhere in the World. We would be happy to add your music to this extensive range on consignment and have a review done and published. See the consignment form link for more detail. We only need five copies for stock to start with.

Folk music in its broadest sense includes traditional folk music, contemporary acoustic and alternative music, roots, blues, world and multicultural music as is often heard at hundreds of festivals and folk clubs around Australia. This huge and growing market has been virtually ignored by the commercial music industry. This is your target market, a market that can now be easily and inexpensively reached through Trad&Now. For more information, please see the advertising rates link.

Trad&Now regularly carries in its 80 full colour, full gloss pages of news, an up to date festival calendar, festival reviews and previews, Australia wide dance, poetry and musical event calendars and seven contact directories. It also has CD reviews and all the latest news making it a vital ongoing reference tool for anyone interested in any of these activities. It is published in full colour with gloss covers.

A copy of the advertisement, as published, together with an invoice, is sent to each advertiser on publication date. If you require any additional information, please feel free to call.

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