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CD REVIEW – by Roger Holdsworth
Just as that original lyric challenged and subverted, Akasa’s imaginings are of a better world. Their music sings of and exemplifies harmony and understanding.

These songs also say important things that need to be said.
They sing about issues such as freeways and public transport, about privatisation and profit, about public liability insurance and whales.

Alongside these, they sing about the importance of strength and faith: “I Won’t Break”, “The Cycle of Life”, “Leap Out”.
I’ve been hearing the lines ‘I’m going to leap out without a care’ resonating in my mind and inspiring courage.

Yet none of these songs are obviously polemical.
They’re presented with humour and love.

They’re presented through Akasa’s ‘trademark’ brilliant a cappella harmonies.
The return of Diana Clark to Akasa has meant a refocus on Brazilian-influenced melodies: “Bubazinho” and “Need Some Care” (both written by Doug de Vries and Diana Clark) and “Cry No More/Canto de Ossanha” (by Baden Powell and Vinicius de Moraes) stand out.
Other music draws on African and Caribbean sounds.

Through all these influences, four great voices with supportive percussion shape twelve inspiring songs.

Their Views from an Urban Jungle presents a vision of a world “Not for profit/For the need of it/For the love of it/For belief in it”.

This CD from Akasa is a clear example of that vision – produced for the love of it and based on the belief in it.

Believe me – you need it!

About the artist: Vocal harmony and dynamic percussion create the sound that is Akasa. This group from Melbourne perform passionate and rhythmic songs combining song-writing and musical ability to create a sound that is truly distinctive. Influenced by the sounds, politics, and cultural movements from across the world, Akasa’s music is immediate, relevant and empowering.

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