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Track Listing: Side One: 1. Let’s Have Some Fun 2. Lonesome Day 3. Brickwall Fantasia 4. Red Wine 5. Dusty Miller 6. Big Mob 7. Rocket Pilots Side Two: 1. State of Mind 2. Apple Butter 3. Just Like That 4. Doc Wyland’s Reel, Dede of the Highlands and Corte Madera 5. I’m Alright 6. Ground Zero 7. Soddy Daisy 8. Blacktown Jig
Home Grown #2 (1987) The Story . . . One of a series of three albums released in the early days where Andrew includes other new artists in each production. However, on this tape , Clermont plays everything with equal fervor and clean technique – a serious collectors item featuring the Bluegrass Guitar Championship as indicated below
ANDREW CLERMONT: The borders of music tumble as multi-instrumentalist Clermont challenges the musical moment with his unique ability to be a chameleon on Violin, Viola, Mandolin, Bass, Double bass, Tenor Banjo, Didgeridoo, Dulcimer, or Voice, while also 3 time Australian Bluegrass Guitar Champion!
Jeff Lang literally threw his guitar off at Woodford when their duet performance could go no higher! Seen through the years beside songwriters including – Pat Drummond, Norma O’Hara Murphy, Brent Parlane, Elizabeth Lord, Greg Champion, The Waifs, Beccy Cole, USA’s Tom T. Hall & Kate Campbell, and creating sound-scapes to their stories. He also recalls a cherished duet with Paul Kelly. Or recently with The (infamous) Pigs – then lately in Europe with powerhouse Rob Longstaff.
Amongst a myriad of recordings for others, and solo CDs ‘The Longing’ & Homegrown Vol 2 here , there are also releases with his partner players & bands ‘Parris Macleod’, ‘Totally Gourdgeous’, ‘Fiddlers Festival’, ‘Terra Australis’, ‘The Lawnmowers’, ‘BackBeat’, ‘The Supper Club’ and ‘Dya Singh’.
Andrew Clermont – Homegrown #2 by Ian Dearden
Legendary genre-hopping multi-instrumentalist Andrew Clermont, has been scratching around in his (musical) attic and has discovered the musical product of a (well spent) Christmas 1987, locked up playing by himself in a woolshed with a Tascam 246 four track cassette recorder. Clearly not wanting to waste anything Andrew has located spare copies of the original cassette version covers, run off extra liner notes on the inside of a CD-R label (Verbatim brand, if you’re interested), thrown in a recent full band bonus track (Flat Out Like A Lizard Drinking) and redelivered the product to an eager and waiting world. Just in case you’ve been living under a rock and not seen and heard Andrew in Dya Singh, Totally Gourdgeous, the Lawnmowers, Fiddler’s Festival, the Supper Club, or as the ubiquitous sideman for all and sundry, he is a virtuosic (and award winning) guitar picker, mandolinist and fiddler. He also happens to be a very tidy bassplayer and a pleasant vocalist with a knack for orchestrating (on a four track) his own, mass, overdubbed vocals. He’s also, on the evidence of this material, a damn fine recording engineer! Whether it’s bluegrass, western swing, celtic tuneplaying, or coutry picking and fiddling Andrew arranges/writes, plays and sings superbly. It was hard to believe that it was all done on a cassette 4 track (having once done this kind of thing myself) and the outcome, now transferred to the digital realm, sounds just as fresh today as it undoubtedly did 20 years ago. So do yourself a favour, help Andrew in his attic clean-up campaign and add to your listening pleasure all at the same time. You can find out much much more about this self-described “chameleon music performer” at

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