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Andrew Hull is a writer of poetry, prose and song. He’s also an artist, photographer, musician, performer, husband and father. He doesn’t do anything half heartedly though. It’s all or nothing. But that’s simply Andrew Hull.


From the “Back-O-Bourke” in Western NSW – Hully – as he’s affectionately known – is passionate, enthusiastic, full of drive and sees the artistic and beautiful side to all things – that to most – would be considered mundane.


His uniquely Australian work has been published not only in book form but has also appeared in publications including RM Williams’ Outback Magazine, Sydney Morning Herald, Daily Telegraph, the Melbourne Age and National Geographic.


He has also appeared at numerous major music festivals across

Andrew Hull ‘Western Stream’ CD Review by John Williams If you like bush poetry you will love this CD. If you like quality guitar music with a bit of country thrown in you will love this CD. Andrew Hull has combined the two to create a unique sound which I loved. His lyrics are really well crafted. He joins other poets such as Lawson, Paterson and the like who have found inspiration in the harsh, Australian bush. Andrew has been christened “The Bard from Bourke” and his poetry is worthy of the accolade. Andrew has a fine speaking voice which is very easy to listen to. ‘Gulargambone’ is the first track on the CD and is a beautifully crafted poem inspired by the spirit of the people of this outback town. ‘Campbell’ is Hull’s poem about Campbell the Swaggie whom we have all come into contact with at a folk festival somewhere. It is a meaningful tribute to the life Campbell has chosen for himself ‘West’ is Andrew’s tribute to those who settled the Australian West (of NSW), surely one of the harshest, yet most beautiful places ever settled. It honours the women, the first Australians, soldiers and the pioneers in a powerful poem which is well worth a listen. Peter Potter is one of the best poems I have heard about our old diggers. Peter Potter is an ordinary old man in a country town, but what a debt we owe him and his colleagues. It should be taught in all schools. Powerful words indeed and worth the purchase price of the CD for this poem alone. The soulful guitar work adds to this track as well. ‘Where the Waters used to Run’, ‘My Darling’ and ‘The Pages River’ are all beautiful poems dealing with the Western Rivers. ‘Pise Walls’ is about an old homestead which has seen better days. It creates a beautiful picture of a lifestyle which has passed by with all the attendant memories this provokes. ‘Family, Food and Chooks’ is about a young man spending time with his old grandma trying to garner her wisdom as her final days pass by all too quickly. Prepare to be greatly moved. ‘S30 50 E150 58’ is an interesting compilation of bush sounds and music. Andrew writes about what he knows, feels and loves and it shows. I can heartily recommend this CD. I really enjoyed it.

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