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3 CD pack. Baterz for Beginners bonus CD with Great Big Squiddy Fun, a Baterz tribute double CD
 ‘Great Big Squiddy Fun’

CD Review by John Williams

Barnaby Ward, also known as Baterz, was an Adelaide singer who sadly passed away in 2002 at a young age.This double CD, containing thirty three tracks, is a tribute album from his many friends in the music world.The cover notes give you an idea of the man and the way he lived his life.

He inspired many, befriended many and lived his short life to the fullest, even going out in style despite serious illness.

As an added bonus you get a copy of ‘Baterz for Beginners’ which is a re-issue of songs by the man himself.  This contains another sixteen tracks so you certainly get your money’s worth.

Most of the forty nine tracks were written by Baterz alone or with a friend.Artists who pay tribute to Baterz include Deborah Conway, Totally Gordgeous, Tex Perkins, Merri May Gill, Soursob Bob, Jamie Saxe, Guilliame Soloacoustic, Penelope Swales, Carl Pannuzzo and even the Cockatoo Valley Song Group.There are just too many to mention them all individually.

Each song is different and they are quite quirky and may not be to everyone’s taste.Some of the track titles will give you an idea of what I mean.They include The Drowning Of The Daddo Brothers’, Max The Human Skeleton’, ‘Zombie Girl’, ‘April Of The Dickheads’, ‘Target’s Air Conditioner’, ‘Ferral Nightmare’ and ‘Agent Of Satan’.

Having said that, there is a diversity to this CD that you don’t often see.Songs range from very funny through absurd to straight, thought provoking tracks. They have been recorded at a number of different studios around Australia.Each artist has put their own spin on the track.You don’t get a cohesive sound but you do get to hear thirty three artists doing their thing.And you get to compare several of the songs with Baterz’ originals on the bonus CD.This is unusual in itself.

If you are a fan of Baterz this will be a must purchase CD.

It’s not for everybody and you will need to make up your own mind but if you like quirky music with great musicianship and singing then you could do worse than purchase this CD.

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