Cantolibre -Brazil: Spreading the Wings


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Cantolibre – Brazil: Spreading the Wings
Review by John Williams

Cantolibre are an acoustic, four piece band from the Wollongong area.
They have a Chilean/Australian background.
They play, according to their own cover notes, “Brazilian music beyond the samba”.
Several trips to Brazil have enabled the band to experience many styles of Brazilian music.
They wish to share this musical experience with an Australian audience.
This certainly shows on this delightful, easy to listen to CD.
Among my favorite tunes were the opening track “Baia” and also “Carinhosa” both with a sweet, soft saxophone and “Brejeiro” with a strong clarinet influence.
Another track, “Andre de Sapato Nova” also has the clarinet featured strongly as does “Meu Caro Amigo”.
“Roda Viva” has the haunting flute sound which makes this type of music so special.
“Asa Branca”, with flute and strong percussion accompanying traditional vocals, was another track I found myself playing over and over again.
In fact there wasn’t a track on this CD which I didn’t like!
If you don’t find your toes tapping to “Aquarela do Brasil” I’d be very surprised.
Throughout the CD are the wonderful guitar sounds this type of music is famous for.
The wide range of traditional and percussion instruments and the extensive use of guest performers makes this a CD worthy of being in the collection of anyone with an interest in Latin American music.
I can recommend it.
I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

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