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Farewell Jack is my post-ultimate CD, the darn songs would not stop popping up in my head. Its central song, and the one the title refers to, is addressed to my father, first sung at his graveside in Co Tipperary. I don’t think there will be any more CDs from me, but as Ollie Hardy used to say, “One never knows, do one?”
I am approaching 70 and have been alternating between folk clubs and festivals and living in Mongolia (for over 5 years) and Laos (for about 3 years). I have appeared at many Nationals and lots of festivals, but now I just roll up and play backboards if I feel like it. I have been film, radio, TV and stage actor; Hobart city alderman; high school teacher; Santa Claus; and ABC breakfast presenter. I also wrote a number one hit in Mongolia (in Mongolian, which I do not speak). Many CD sales have been for the song Breathe Softly, attracting folk who are planning their own funeral; it is apparently a good song for shuffling off this mortal coil, so if you don’t hear it here, you are bound to hear it for eternity when you get to heaven.

David O’Connor – Farewell Jack
CD Review by John Williams

I love the fact that there are so many singer/songwriters in Australia who are finding a voice across the country through ‘Trad and Now’ magazine.
Talented Tasmanian singer/songwriter David O’Connor is one and he has more than just his music going for him.
He has been involved with Australian Volunteers International for several years and has concentrated his efforts on a kindergarten in Mongolia.
Enough of that though.
Back to the CD review.
There are 10 tracks, nine of which have been composed by David.
David plays guitar and does the lead vocals on most of the tracks.
He is assisted by several musicians on different tracks.
And now to the music.
‘Grey River Blues’ has a country feel to it and is a tribute to the older generation.
(More power to you David!)
‘Druthers’ is a soulful tune about dreams of what might have been and don’t we all have them at times.
‘Wake Up To You’ sees Rose Harvey taking the lead vocal accompanying herself on keyboard and is worth a listen.
‘I Dunno Why’ is a song dealing with relationships with a person who has differing views on many things.
It has a catchy accompaniment by mouth harp (Peter Hicks) and pedal steel guitar (Frog)
‘The Anniversary’ is about aging, relationships and how quickly time passes.
It makes you think.
Michael Chandler plays guitar and sings in ‘A Man’s Life’ written by David who says he prefers Michael’s version of the song!
‘Little Patch of Earth’ is a tribute to David’s father.
On this track, he is accompanied by Adrian Bryan (guitar) and Anne Parsell (accordion).
This leads me to my one criticism of the CD.
I’d like to have had more information about some of the songs included in the cover notes.
David is joined once more by Peter Hicks for his ‘travelling song’ called ‘Get Back on the Road’.
It is a catchy number.
‘Breathe Softly’ is a love song and is enhanced by Mark Weeks on keyboard.
The final track is appropriately titled ‘Parting Song’ and involves a traditional Irish blessing and one from an Irish comedian.
Barbara Stephenson assists with harmonies on this track.
I enjoyed this CD for its thoughtful lyrics and musicianship.

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