Diana Clark – Breathe Into Time


Diana Clark – “… breathe into time …”
CD review by Roger Holdsworth
The opening notes of some CDs mesmerise you; you can tell you’re going to enjoy the whole experience. This is one such example. The six tracks of Diana Clark’s first solo recording – an EP of original songs – take the listener on inner and outer journeys across a world and jazz influenced landscape. There are city songs here … and rural landscapes (‘bird call right outside the door’). There are sounds influenced by Brazilian music and by Australian diversity. These are also songs about healing and support and respect. The themes of these songs reflect Di’s experiences, interests and hopes. The usually sober subjects of anxiety and depression are given a hearty embrace and creative twist: “Laser beam a healing green on the anxious disposition, and the rosy hue of love unlocks inherited conditions”. She offers the music as “a place of solace, even if for only a moment”. The voice and the warmth she brings to that promise and dedication enable her to translate grand ideas into great emotions. Supported by a strong line-up of Melbourne musicians who intersect jazz and world genres – Doug de Vries, Joe Chindamo, Bob Sedergreen, Will Poskit, Simon Starr, David Beck, Pay Pereira and Irene Vela – Diana presents an apparently laid-back CD that effortlessly insinuates its way into your heart and head.

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