Dya Singh – Sukmnai Simren


Written in Punjabi (Gurmukhi]. Its spiritual impact on the troubled human soul is immediate, soothing and healing. The main topic is that the consistent awareness of the source of all existence, the Creator, the Ultimate Reality, is the balm for all pain and therefore the fount of contentedness. That the true Name (NAAM] resides in the hearts of those who make a serious continuous effort in remembering Him. Dya Singh has picked extracts of this long psalm to weave into a meditative one hour long musical journey. Listen to it on long drives (but dont fall asleep!!] or have it running continuously in the house to invite an atmosphere of peace, yet positive vibrancy and tranquility. Or put it in the background when you have a one hour break for your spirit. That time that you spend reflecting, contemplating, meditating, doing Yoga, ‘Tai chi’, ‘Chi-qung’ exercises, praying or just plain doing nothing – your break!

About the artist: Dya Singh has traveled the globe spreading multicultural messages of love, unity, meditation, spirituality and peace. Though a Sikh himself, he promotes a non-denominational message of truth and finding an inner spirit.The music is based on his own Sikh Hymns with the addition of instruments including the didgeridoo, bozouki, dilruba, santoor, violin, tabla, flute and more. Joined by an amazing selection of musicians including Dheeraj Shrestha, Andrew Clermont, Keith Preston, Josh Bennett and his daughters Jamel, Harsel, and Parvyn. It is truly a unique experience.

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