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Eirerobics – Irish Dance Based Aerobics

DVD Review by John Williams
As the old Irish proverb states we should ‘dance as if no one was watching’.
In this DVD, you are taught simple Irish jig and reel steps which are then combined with some aerobic exercises to provide a different form of workout which is suitable for the very young right through to the mobile elderly.
You can exercise at your own pace and at your own level of performance.
As you become more accomplished, you can increase the intensity of the workout.
One thing I liked was that the presenters were ordinary people with a variety of body shapes.
It wasn’t the off-putting, lycra-clad ‘super’ people you often see in this sort of material.
The music was adequate for the exercises while not being at the top of the range of Irish music.
There was a good mix of jigs and reels and it was nice to hum a few “diddly eye dyes” while exercising.
In the DVD, you can choose the style of workout, the pace of the music and whether you will dance with or without commentary.
The DVD includes a separate dance instruction section and a brief overview of the history of dance in Ireland.
This was one of the more interesting items I have been asked to review and, while it may not suit everyone, it is still of value to individuals or groups who may want to diversify their exercise programs with some simple, fun dance activities.
And we all know how important dance is to people after last year’s National!

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