Eric Bibb – Booker’s Guitar


Eric Bibb – Booker’s Guitar
CD Review by Ian Dearden

From the start, let me tell you that Eric Bibb is one cool dude, and sexy too.
As a mature and respectable female friend of mine whispered to me, while watching Eric perform at Woodford Folk Festival a couple of years ago – “His boots, my bed, anytime!”
During a UK tour, Eric Bibb was offered, out of the blue, the opportunity to play (and be photographed with) the National Steel guitar of legendary Delta bluesman Booker White, who died in 1977.
As Eric says in the album liner notes “spiritually, the experience of playing Booker White’s guitar took my personal connection to traditional country blues to another level.
It actually felt like an initiation and a benediction.
I felt like the time was right to offer a handmade tribute to the music and the musicians of a bygone era.”
Recorded in just two days in a 19th century general store in an historical village in Ohio, featuring Eric’s honeyed voice, elegant country blues picking, and Grant Dermody’s harmonica, this is an album that speaks to us all, through the gospel of the Blues.
For the completists/obsessives (like me), we also get full details of the recording chain (Royer SF-24 and AEA RE-88 mikes, Millenia Media M2B and AEA RPQ pre-amps, given you asked!)

Twelve original songs (and an original tune), Blind Willie Johnson’s Nobody’s Fault But Mine, and the traditional Wayfaring Stranger, add up to one of the most delightful and enjoyable albums I’ve heard in years.
Starting with a tribute to Booker White (Booker’s Guitar), Eric then covers familiar blues tropes including the Mississippi flood of 1926-27 (Flood Water), dreams of a better life (New Home), racism and economic exploitation (Walkin Blues Again), and religion (One Soul To Save).
In particular, Eric’s stunning arrangement of Wayfaring Stranger, underpinned by his delicate baritone guitar playing and topped off with Grant Dermody’s lyrical harmonica playing, will have you and me, and a host of others, lined up for the ferry across the Jordan River.
Just in case it’s not already clear, I think Eric Bibb is a certified genius, and this, his latest album, is exhibit 1.
No further proof required!

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