Flavia Ursino & Kevin Coleman – Monkey Business


“Twenty-seven-year old Estelle Goldstein is sent on an assignment to investigate the devastation of AIDS in South Africa.There she encounters Doctor Mabunda, a once-esteemed virologist, now an alcoholic harbouring the guilt of a dark past. Dismissing his slurred rants, Estelle returns home to the family and its offbeat dynamics: eccentric, animal liberationist, clairvoyant grandmother; pharmaceutical exec father. Rushed to hospital from her father’s mansion, Estelle finds herself suspended between life and death. From a series of foreboding dreams that act as a warning of impending danger, Estelle awakens to a new-found awareness. When the good-looking Afro-Aussie, Ryan Knight, enters her room, Estelle experiences an awakening of a different kind. Their fated encounter unravels over time to bring to light a dark secret.”–Back cover.

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