Gregory North – Fully Sick Mate


Produced by Jim Haynes, this 14 track album showcases Greg’s many moods and accents in verse and yarns from the serious to the downright ridiculous. Live DVD also available TN673 $25

Gregory North – Fully Sick Mate!

Review by Ian Dearden


Here’s a (relatively) new voice in Australian bush poetry (this debut CD was recorded in 2005), and what a voice it is! More accurately, what voices they are, because the particular schtick that Gregory North brings to his performances of both his own original work, as well as some of the standards, is his facility with accents. Not always politically correct (for example Corryong Committee Meeting), but always entertaining, it’s hard to believe at times that it’s all coming from one person only. The particular standout in this aspect of Gregory’s repertoire, is his version of The Man From Snowy River. I didn’t always understand the logic for the various accents, but I lost count of how many there were, and I was amazed by his ability to switch flawlessly from one to another. And of course, its still a great story, and he does justice to every word.


Gregory is not, however, a one trick pony (pun unintended), and I particularly liked his opening piece The Tradesman, which is presented in an authentic Strine accent, but gives voice to that backbone of Australian working life, the tradie, in all his (gender imbalanced) glory! He really hits the nail on the head, if you’ll excuse a deliberate, but excruciating pun, and along with his piece Slabs, TABs, Cabs & Kebabs, brings some new light to contemporary Australian culture. You might not like what you see (hear?) very much, but you can’t say that you haven’t been given the opportunity see (hear?) it!


If you’re a fan of bush poetry, old or new, get a hold of this CD and give it a good, hard listen. You won’t regret it.

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