Hottentot Party – The Voice of Your Heart


Two time winners of the prestigious Dolphin Awards for Album of the Year (1998 & 1994), Hottentot Party (now The Hottentots) are one of the most exciting and noticeably different acts to come out of the Australian folk / world scene.
Innovative, dynamic and eclectic, Carl Cleves and Parissa Bouas compose and sing music rich in rhythms and themes, inspired by the various cultures that they have lived in. Weaving modern and traditional folk idioms they create a style of contemporary cross-cultural folk that is indelibly their own.
“Parissa’s superb vocals that seem capable of finding an emotional context for every genre… When the duo sings “You have to find your own voice” you know that they have touched on a theme of crucial importance in this era of mindless conformity.”
Richard Jasiutowics – Diaspora world Beat Magazine

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