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Carl and Parissa have put the finishing touches to CD #4, entitled “Turn Back the Tide”. It features 11 new songs and one song from the Cape Verde islands.
Like all previous CDs you can expect a smorgasboard. Besides the ASA award winning song “The Bethlehem Bell Ringer” there are songs to move your feet and songs to move your spirit.
Some fine musicians contribute to this album: English songwriter and harmonica player Rory McLeod, cavaquinho player Doug De Vries, Cleis Pierce and Peter Grayling on strings, John Hoffman and Marc Spencer on horns, Andrew Clermont on mandolin, percussionist Tunji Beier and many more.

“This is the 4th CD album from this prolific and multi-talented duo. A nicely produced 16 page booklet contains the lyrics and other credits for all the songs. As with previous recordings, this CD contains a diverse range of songs, covering many subjects from love to war, using musical styles like folk, reggae, Latin, country, and more.

All songs (except one) were written and performed by Parissa Bouas and/or Carl Cleves. A small group of fine musicians provides sensitive and musical backing to the singing and playing of the duo. There are older and new songs presented here and some that stand out are: the title track “Turn back the Tide” is an effective protest song against war and ruthless power-politics around the world with a modern reggae sound. “I’ll be with you tonight” is a gently swaying bittersweet love song, beautifully sung by Parissa; “Yellow Land” is a comment about the scary spreading of our desserts and the continuous loss of more vegetation; “A Resting Place” is a touching song about the mysterious global homeless traveller/refugee/outcast – or whatever he may be, forever looking for a place of rest and peace. The already often heard (live) song “The Bethlehem Bell Ringer” is one of the most successful and haunting songs on the album: …. Oh Jesus, please help Palestine, turn all the blood back into wine…. Please bring peace to Palestine… A message that is now as potent and universally seemingly hopeless and futile as ever.

Although some songs are instantly more appealing than others – as is the case generally on every CD – there are no weak points throughout. Because of the diversity of styles, arrangements, tempo and rhythms, subjects and performances of songs, one never looses interest in listening to the album (as I often do when too many tracks are too similar in every way). Instead, the manifold songs and sounds create a wonderfully textured quilt of beautiful and meaningful songs.” Review by Dieter Bajzek

“this is acoustic music –exceptionally well written music and lyrics, beautifully arranged and superbly performed by Carl Cleves and Parissa Bouas… Anyone with an interest in good acoustic music with an international flavour won’t be disappointed” Debra Manskey, Australian Songwriter Magazine

“There is a lot of drivel marketed under the ‘world music’ banner, but every once in a while a CD comes along which really does blend global cultures in an exciting original way. Hottentot Party , from Byron Bay in northern NSW, mix up Brazilian, Township and Salsa grooves in an eminently danceable fashion, and obviously have a huge amount of fun in the process.

There are shades of the late-lamented Three Mustaphas Three, which is praise indeed. Amongst the polyrhythmic exuberance there is some real sensitivity as well, and lots of great playing and singing. I don’t often play ten minute tracks on my show, but I couldn’t go past the title track. Highly recommended, and my pick of the Australian releases that came my way in 1997.” Steve Barnes – Folk West, 1998

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