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Another brilliant release for 2017.This great scorched land has birthed 3 remarkable albums this year & we are now joined by a 4th.Hussy Hicks join the elite company of Charles Jenkins , 19Twenty & Woodland Hunters with the delivery of On The Boundaries. You don’t lose sheer talent like you lose the flavour of chewing gum , and Leesa Gentz & Julz Parker are blossoming & blooming from album to album. Leesa’s soaring voice of evocative, volcanic velvet is like honey for your soul & the fretwork of Julz is fire & brimstone one minute & yet the epitome of controlled restraint the next. Co-conspirator Raph White adds the sonic soundtrack like an idiosyncratic Daniel Lanois or Mitchell Froom , and his brushstrokes are an embellishment to be revered.I first saw these ladies support Turin Brakes in Fremantle & my ears were converted & prised wonderfully wide open.Are they a cult secret ? I’m not certain , but we should all join hands , buy this stunning offering and make these ladies wealthy. It would only be justice for the riches this album conveys.

CD review by Graham Blackley

From the opening notes of Mutiny, this eclectic album leaps from the speakers with gusto and grabs the listener’s attention.
This zesty collaboration between Australian band, Hussy Hicks, and UK-based production whiz, Raphael White, boasts a robust sound that is multi-faceted and deeply satisfying.
Embracing elements of clever folk-pop and roots-laded indie rock, the band proves to be adept at whipping up addictive and sinuous grooves on memorable foot-stomping tracks such as Mutiny, The Pen, The Light, The Hope and the pulsating ear-worm, Keep Fighting.
Their equally skilful grasp of slow-burn atmospherics is showcased on quietly soulful songs such as the melancholic yet slinky, Take Me At My Word, and on the stripped-back Fig Tree.
Happily, this enticing album defies restrictive or simple categorisation due to the genre-splicing creativity and expansive playfulness exhibited by these talented artists.

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