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Ask yourself these questions: 1 Are you a potential whistle player?
2 Do you want to succeed?

If your answers are yes, then you shouldn’t delay.

You should use this book while that first spark glows. It will grab, nurture and enflame your enthusiasm, leaving you well and truly hooked. It has been carefully designed to substantially increase your chances of success. Suitable for any Tin Whistle

No Musical knowledge required. This book Includes tin whistle tab, guitar chords, words for 26 Scottish tunes and simple instruction
32pp Illus. Soft cover 297mm X 210mm (A4)

Why you need this book !

TIN WHISTLE is a musical instrument possessing two special qualities: it is the cheapest and it’s the simplest. However, don’t be misled into thinking that it’s barely more than a toy, or that it is inferior or a second-rate instrument.

On the contrary, despite its cheapness and its easiness for beginners, the tin whistle is a full-blooded musical instrument, capable of music of a quality often unsurpassed by far more eminent instruments. In spite of this, the majority of people who acquire a tin whistle have only modest aims in view… indeed, most just buy on a passing whim; others, perhaps, receive a whistle as a gift.

For whatever reason, everyone who obtains a tin whistle and experiences a I surge of enthusiasm is a potential player. Sadly, far too many of these potential players are unable to full their initial expectations. Their enthusiasm fades and dies and their will to play is lost forever. Dont let it die, cease the day.

By the use of a carefully formulated six-point plan, this book sets out to:
PRODUCE INSTANT RESULTS – the special whistle tablature means you are able to play the tunes right from the word go!
SUSTAIN INTEREST – the titles in this book have been carefully chosen to make sure that most people are familiar with most of the tunes. Thus, your attention will be held throughout the initial vulnerable period of learning and you can build up a reasonably sized repertoire quickly.
INTRODUCE TRADITIONAL MUSIC – the kind of music `the whistle does best’. A few hand-picked traditional tunes have been included, to get you started on the `real journey’.
PROMOTE ENJOYMENT – the inclusion of words and guitar chords and the encouragement to play with others will give you the chance to realise just how much fun music really is.
STIMULATE LEARNING – illustrations are included in the book which will focus your attention on the information which they surround. This will increase your chances of learning at least some of the playing hints and the music theory that the book provides.
ENCOURAGE FURTHER RESEARCH – although instructions in the book have been kept to a minimum and as simple as possible, just a smattering of advanced information has been included, to inspire you to learn more.

This book can be used on its own. However, to make learning the tin whistle even
easier, a recording of all the tunes, plus the grace notes, has been produced. Each tune is played slowly, twice through and features guitar accompaniment using the chords shown in this book.

By altering the balance control on your player, you can make either the tin whistle or the
guitar louder and so join in!

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