Jack Thompson – Sentimental Bloke Poems of C J Dennis


CD review by Ian Dearden

From when I first saw him in leading roles in quintessential Australian movies such as Sunday too far Away and Peterson in the early seventies,I’ve always considered Jack Thomson to the epitome of the Aussie “Bloke”

It’s that mixture of intelligence and larrikanism wrapped up in a dry and sardonic wit and outlook on life, with a voice that sounds just like everyone of us. An Australian everyman if you will.Who better then could you find to read the poems of that quintessential Aussie poet CJ Dennis then Jack Thomson.

In the Sentimental Bloke, CJ Dennis somehow captured to perfection the argot of working class early 20th century Melbourne – a rough and tough dog eat dog world, in which there was still a chance for love and romance and growing up and finding a world beyond those gritty inner city streets.

All of that comes to life when recited by Jack Thomson – the characters elap out fully formed, the Bloke himself, Ginger Mick, and of course the lovely Doreen who steals the Blokes heart away and settles him into the unexpected pleasures of matrimony!

all in all there are 11 of CJ Denni’s best known poems in this collection, including favourites such as Doreen, The Play (you’ll never quite think of Romeo & Juliet the same way again),Hitched, and The Stones of Gosh.

Jack Thomson has already tackled those other two great Australian poets, Henry Lawson and Banjo Paterson, in this fine Poets Collection series and yuo can them, and more at www.finepoets.com

This is Australian Poetry recited by a master of his craft – you can’t go past it!!!

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