Joel Smoker – Heaven


Joel Smoker’s new title – “Heaven”

CD REVIEW – by John Williams

Joel Smoker is a Gospel singer from Western Australia.
There are only six tracks but they are all catchy tunes and all are composed by Joel. His backing musicians help to create a sound that would be at home in places such as New Orleans.

I especially enjoyed “Lucky Oceans” on the pedal steel guitar.
Ian Simpson and Adam Gare sing harmony vocals on the CD and the overall sound is terrific.

All the songs would be well received at any Gospel venue anywhere in the World, which is Joel’s target audience.

His music is bright and bouncy and would be bound to get a congregation singing along.
The first song, “Lighthouse” has a catchy chorus and is a bright and bouncy initiation to the CD.
“Redemption Train” is another singalong type song using the train as a metaphor for the journey of faith.
“Wash Each Other’s Feet” is a slower number which tells the story of the humility of Jesus washing his disciple’s feet.
“Exile from the Kingdom” was inspired by a sermon Joel heard and is another toe tapper.
“Heaven” poses the question of just what we mean when we use the term Heaven.
A good one to ponder.

The final track, “Sing Praise to the Lord” would be great in a group singing session.
This catchy tune is a great finale to the CD
The overall feel of this CD is upbeat and sure to get your toes tapping, and you quickly find yourself singing along.

This CD would be a worthy addition to any collection of Gospel music.

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