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JUNIOR – TIME IN THE SUN Junior is Justin Slater (vocals, harmonica and percussion), Steve Pederson (guitars, mandolin, vocals) and Pete Arthur (guitars, vocals). On this 2004 release they are also joined by Danny McKenna (drums), Damien McKenna (bass) and a few other featured musicians. The closest parallel I can find is a kind of light ballad rock/pop somewhere in amongst the Counting Crows / Paul Kellys / Finn Brothers end of things. They swing effortlessly from languid acoustic to full-tilt surge, both passionate & tender, sometimes sweet and sometimes swagger. Ultimately this is a pretty mainstream-oriented album, confidently delivered, good driving music and no particular surprises. Personally my favourite is the final track ‘Photograph’, for its subtlety and mood, and its space. But in the songs on this album you’ll find familiar stories & snapshots of Australian humanity, the little details that keep pushin’ through. This is a strong debut album, delivered with absolute sincerity, confidence and youthful exuberance culminating in what amounts to a full-bodied recording that has warmth, energy and content.

About the artist: The three songwriters that make up junior have spent the last couple of years exploring different parts of the country with different projects, but are back with a bunch of new tunes. Ranging from country towns to desert communities then back again to everyday suburban life, their stories take in the nature of modern Australia without cliche and stereotype.

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