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Artist Bio

Lindsay Haisley has been playing for audiences in Texas and around the United States since 1974 and is known nationally as one of the world’s top autoharpists. A dynamic and exciting player and performer, Lindsay’s repertoire and style have pushed the instrument into new musical territory embracing jazz, ragtime, and modern and traditional popular standards. For his innovation on the chromatic autoharp, and for his support of the larger community of autoharp players and enthusiasts, Lindsay was inducted into the Autoharp Hall of Fame in 2004. Lindsay lives near Austin, Texas, and many of his recordings were made with the help of his friends in the fertile Austin music scene, as will as with the vocal accompaniment of his wife, Cheryl Dehut. (Auto) Harps Alive!!

This CD was recorded in Chicago with the production help of American folk legend Bob Gibson. Most of the songs are instrumentals, with the accompaniment several first-rate Chicago musicians. These include the late Jethro Burns of the duo Homer and Jethro, on mandolin, and the amazing multi-instrumentalist Howard Levy, the harmonica player with Bela Fleck for many years. These songs are all classic popular and jazz standards.

Track Listing:

1. Over the Rainbow
2. Katyusha / Hava Nagila
3. Glow Worm
4. Little Redwing
5. Down Yonder
6. Caravan
7. Crazy
8. Whispering
9. Lara’s Theme
10. Sweet Georgia Brown
11. San Antonio Rose

CD Review by Greg Barnett

Autoharps? Really?? To say I was sceptical is an understatement.

However, the one-dimensional archetypal ‘tinny’ sound of the autoharp, slow and sweet, on the first part of the opening track “Over The Rainbow”, suddenly opens up and blossoms into a multi-dimensional toe-tapping ensemble piece.

The six players cover harmonica, marimba, piano, sax, mandolin, guitar, synthesiser, bass … as well the autoharp … giving a pleasingly wide sonic treat.

The all-instrumental arrangements (except for ‘Crazy’ which has a lead vocal) are wonderfully innovative and the playing by all is spot-on.

You’d be hard-pressed not to enjoy this album of well-known swing-style classics from the Great American Songbook.

Besides ‘Rainbow’, there’s Katyusha/Hava Ngila, Glow Worm, Little Redwing, Down Yonder, Caravan, Crazy, Whispering, Lara’s Theme, Sweet Georgia Brown and San Antonio Rose.

11 tracks and 32:36 playing time.  Slim jewel case. 4-pp cover listing the players and tracks.

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