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by Mairéid Sullivan and Ben Kettlewell

Time After Time is a symphony of images, an astonishing feat of true artistry, taking the music and the muses of three of the most ancient cultures and weaving them into a film of enormous, moving beauty. Time After Time emerged from three years of passionate work to marry songs, poetry and pictures of sublime landscapes and sites of deep historic resonance across Ireland, North America and Australia.

“It’s magnificent. I was really moved.” Kevin Childs, Australian journalist

Time after Time embraces the viewer with images, songs and poetry woven together to create a mesmerizing and enchanting film that propels this art form to a new level.

Over 78 minutes we are taken into glorious landscapes and seductive images of Ireland, North America and Australia. Produced, filmed and edited by Mairéid Sullivan and Ben Kettlewell, Time after Time is more than a film in that it can be presented in concert with a live performance of the soundtrack. Here are found the old songs and stories that touch us deeply, melded with original compositions.

There is magic here as sublime poetry and ancient song celebrate freedom and echo a world beyond ours. It shows how beauty heals suffering, the wisdom of the original inhabitants of these ancient lands and how, ultimately, although we are but stardust in a vast universe, through a shared understanding, we are one. The result is as moving and affecting as all great art.

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