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Never Drift Apart, the third solo recording and independent release by Irish-born traditional and contemporary singer, poet, and author, Mairéid Sullivan, is an imaginative musical journey through soulful ballads, soaring slow airs and mesmerizing dance rhythms – songs of joy, struggle and hope.

The title song, “Never Drift Apart”, was written by Mairéid to celebrate her beloved partner Ben Kettlewell’s birthday. Ben’s prodigious talents as a musician and multi-instrumentalist are at the heart of this musical offering. As Mairéid notes:

“Our vision for these songs is to create a comforting and energizing canopy of sound for the listener, recreating the experience my mother created for me when she sang me to sleep as a child. Each song is a world unto itself: songs of joy, struggle and hope. I grew up in the Irish countryside but I feel that I am a part of every place I have been around the world. My home is everywhere. I wish to remind everyone that music helps us thrive in the chaos of the world.”

Upon returning to Melbourne, Australia, in March 2002, after seven years “traveling the world and other places as well,” Mairéid and Ben met up with musical friends and were delighted to hear them play songs the duo had been ‘road testing’ overseas, in preparation for Never Drift Apart.

Joe Creighton is one of the best bass players on the planet, and one of the most dynamic Northern Irishmen I have ever known. Joe came to Australia from Belfast when he was age 18.

Matthew Arnold contributed a flow to this project that takes us beyond ornamentation to a real sense of union. Matthew was born in Melbourne, into a musical family.

Peter Neville, a wizard when he plays percussive instruments, has a high-spirited approach to working in an ensemble of musicians. He was born in Melbourne.

Saul Roche, and his beautiful and talented daughter Domenica have a tremendous passion for music. Saul came to Australia from Dunmore East, Co. Waterford, at age 22, bringing with him a great collection of traditionl songs. His own songs show his capacity to be courageous in expressing his observations on life, in the elegant style and spirit of the “craic”.

Wendy Rowlands, also a Melburnian, has her own uniquely warm musical perspective, which is always directed toward making the music more enjoyable for everyone, playing and listening.

The alchemy of Simon Polinski’s mixing experise helped us to manifest our musical vision.

It is infinite intelligence that has led me to follow my bliss, through the music. I am especially thankful for the inspiration, the time, or the means to bring this project to fruition.

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