Mark Lucas – The Ghost of Lost Creek Road


CD REVIEW – Mark Lucas – The Ghost of Lost Creek Road
by John Williams

This CD is well worth listening to.
We have so many fine singer/songwriters in this country and Mark Lucas is certainly one of them.

His lyrics are thoughtful and really make you think about the human condition.
There are fourteen tracks on this CD so you certainly get your money’s worth.
The first track, “Hard Times in the Land of Plenty” is an interesting track about personal awakening.

“The Ghost of Lost Creek Road” has a solid beat and is about personal change.
Track three, “Don’t You Know Me Girl” has powerful lyrics and is about a bloke trying to explain himself to his girl.

“Lean on Me” conjures up some strong images in the lyrics which are about the breakdown of relationships.
“Walk in Beauty” is a song about people having to leave the land.
All is despair and yet there is still hope.
I found this to be a very moving song with beautiful lyrics.
“Hurt No More” made me feel despondent but then doesn’t a good song make you feel something?
“Run For Cover” has great lyrics.
It is about a man who has had enough of being used.
“Between the Ditches” is a beautifully written, poignant song about a girl from the bush who tries to make a go of it in the city.
This was a highlight track for me.
“Bring Me Whiskey” is a song about modern relationships.
“Torch Song Lament” is another sad tune about a bloke whose girl has walked out.
“Martha Jane” is a lively track with a bluegrass feel to it.
“Sweetheart” is a lilting love song.
“To the Limit” is a song full of the philosophy of life and well worth a listen.

The final track “The Place We Call Forever” is beautifully written.
This CD has much to make you think.
It is musically very good and I can recommend it.

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