Michael Fix – Web of Dreams


Passionfruit. The last track to be written for this CD – written and then recorded on the same day. Thanks Jo (violin) for injecting so much passion into this one. Waves. I spent my first ten years in the seaside steelworks town of Port Kembla. “Waves” is a nostalgic look at the beach I knew as a child. Two Left Feet People naturally wonder how come a musician can’t dance – I think it’s just that I have two left feet. Up and About. It’s morning, time to get up and face another day…Fever. That great Peggy Lee standard, great fun for me to play. Right Place, Right Time. I love the notion of the atmosphere being full of tunes looking for a place to land. This one happened to land on me – I think Chet Atkins had a say in this one. mellow interlude. – Footprints in My Heart. I saw a sign in a cottage on Tamborine Mountain; “Some people come and go, others stay awhile and leave footprints in my heart”. Thumb Thing. I write a regular column in the Australian Guitar Magazine, this is a tune as an exercise for using both thumbs. A Triangle Named George. My stepson Dominic (age 16), when faced with a difficult algebraic problem in Maths exams, will draw a triangle and label it George. So what has this got to do with the tune? I don’t know… Promise. First appeared on the Promise EP (1998 – out of print now), re-recorded here and dedicated to my son Joshua. a sad interlude – When a Teardrop Falls. Hey, I’m a happy guy, so why do I write such sad tunes? Wish I knew. 4 a.m. – Web of Dreams. A soundtrack to a dream.

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