Mothers of Intention – When the Winds Begin to Sing


DJ’s guide to Mothers of Intention When the winds begin to sing
1.Waiting for the Snow 4:28 Rosie McDonald, Lainey Keir Written whilst rehearsing and “waiting for snow” at the inaugural Snowy Mountains Festival of Music June 2009. Thanks to Paul Robert Burton who jumped up to play bass at the closing concert. We asked him to play on the CD
2.So Small, So Beautiful 4:01 Rosie Mc Donald. Rosie was compelled to write a song about Bats and flying foxes. The loss of their habitat has had huge impacts on their health as well as affecting us. Could understanding help us both? ‘They hold the sword and the key’ asks us to ponder their plight. Ann Palumbo’s double bass playing helps to this song soar- Guitar tuning is EBGDAD
3.Badja River Crossing 2:36 (Lainey Balsdon) Crossing the Badja River under a diamond studded sky. This tune is the melody of the river and a tribute to the music and friendships made at the Numeralla Folk Festival Jan 2009
4.Badja River reprise 1:18– in Emin Celtic harp and fiddle lead the reprise
5.Lowlands of Holland 4:34 British Trad. A young married couple are separated on their wedding night as he must go to fight for his country. A very old, well loved song in the folk canon .
6.Living in the Past 4:55 Ian Anderson. Classic folk rock given the Mothers treatment. Funky double bass from Ann and upvibey feel bring this great song from the past to the present. With a surprise of ‘Take Five’ by Dave Brubeck segued in the middle .
7. Maids of Mitchelstown 4:15 – Irish Trad Rosie found this tune on an old Bothy Band album. We loved it and have added vocals and Tibetan tingsha chimes. We were reminded of the Sydney Long painting- Pan while arranging this tune.
8.Windsong (for Mother Earth) Rosie McDonald – on a gentle spring day we recorded the bird and windsong in the studio garden .It seemed right to layer them over this sweet tune giving rise to the name Windsong.
Mother Earth 4:18 M Nascimento – a classic Pentangle covered song- a band that has a huge influence on the Mothers. “Love our Mother Earth for the things she does with such delight, know when she tells you her season is right , love our sweet Mother earth.”
9.After the Fires 3:56 Rosie McDonald Rosie wrote this in response to her deep feelings of empathy with those who lived through the Victorian fires in Feb 2009.
10.A Thousand Winds 5:31 This piece combines a poem by Mary Frye with extra verses written by Lainey Keir and set to a Breton Celtic harp tune called “Let’s Clink Glasses” from an Alan Stivell album, arranged by Rosie McDonald with MOI. A song fro anyone who has lost a loved one and looks for meaning in their leaving.
11.PJ’s /FIELDS OF GLENTOWN /SLIGO MAID 2:59 PJ’s was written by Tony in celebration of a fantastic dinner at Lainey’s – the other two tunes are traditional. We recorded this on fiddle and guitar first at breakneck speed. Lainey was shocked but up to the task of keeping up. A rip roaring tune.
12.The Snows They Melt the Soonest 4:52British Trad- sounding like a modern day song this is actually traditional. A look at the subtle and often conflicting complexities of relationships.
13.Black is the Colour 4:07 Celtic Trad- Penny sings this to honour her parents fairytale love affair. Cliona ‘s celtic harp is a beautiful addition . For Alwyn and Chris
14.Trip to Pakistan/Rights of Man 5:12 Niall Kenny/ Trad. Lainey collected these tunes while travelling on a Russian ship to Antarctica! Steve MacDonald joins us on guitar.
15.She Moved Through the Fair 7:53 Trad arr Rosie McDonald & Tony Pyrzakowski Originally recorded for the Mothers first CD – First time, Rosie wanted to revisit this classic folk song. Be transported to another time and place as a new interpretation of the song brings it to life Starting a capella with stunning resonance, Tony and Rose then toss the tune and riff between each other as the double bass grounds the piece. Guitar tuning is DAAEAE
Introducing the Mothers of Intention Rosie McDonald – vocals, guitar dumbek, tingsha’s Lainey Keir – Whistles recorder Penny Rankin-Smith – vocals, bodhran dumbek, tingsha’s Tony Pyrzakowski – violin , viola and vocals
Additional guest musicians Anne Palumbo: Double Bass – So Small, So Beautiful, Living in the Past, She Moved Through the Fair Cliona Molins: Para Celtic Harp: Badja River Crossing (Reprisal),A Thousand Winds, Black is the Colour Paul Robert Burton Double Bass- Waiting for the Snow Steve MacDonald: guitar- Badja River Crossing, Trip to Pakistan Bowen Shakalis: Drums -Waiting for the Snow

Mothers of Intention – When the Winds Begin To Sing
CD review by Ian Dearden

This album is the third release from Sydney-based Mothers of Intention.
Like Frank Zappa’s backing band, the Mothers of Invention (nice twist), there is a bloke involved, but only one!
Featuring a beguiling mix of original and traditional songs and tunes (their one song cover is a fascinating cross-genre mash-up of Jethro Tull’s Living In The Past with Dave Brubeck’s Take Five), this is a delightful and classy album.
From the album’s beautiful and tasteful artwork (courtesy of band member Penny Rankin-Smith) to the superb musicianship, enchanting lead vocals (primarily Rosie McDonald, but also Penny Rankin-Smith) and exquisite harmonies (which also feature Tony Pyrzakowski), this is the real deal from a band oozing talent.
Of the six tunes (and/or tune sets), I was particularly taken by the band’s arrangement of the traditional Irish Maids of Mitchelstown, set off by the band’s compelling wordless, vocal harmonies.
The tunes feature the instrumental talents of Lainey Kerr (whistle & recorder) and Tony Pyrzakowski (violin & viola), with solid and sympathetic backing from Rosie McDonald on guitar and Penny Rankin-Smith on bodhran.
There are some excellent guests playing on the album (it does help to have talented friends).
I was particularly taken by the para celtic harp playing of Cliona Molins.
The album commences with the uptempo original Waiting for the Snow, features (between some beautiful original songs and tunes) a series of traditional songs including Lowlands of Holland, The Snows They Melt The Soonest and Black Is The Colour, and finishes with that haunting metaphysical lament She Moved Through The Fair, which kept me pressing the repeat button on my CD player!
Marcus Holden has performed the engineering, mixing and co-production duties with great skill.
The album is a treat and should be on your CD rack, or in your car, or wherever else you listen to great music!

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