Nerida – Living Desert


CD Review by Hugh Worrall

The most striking things about this record are Nerida’s lovely vocals, the high quality production and musicianship, and the spiritual themes in the lyrics.

The songs definitely feel like they are in the folk, singer-songwriter tradition.

But they are also infused with world music sounds and textures, particularly some lovely Celtic themes.

The music is built around Nerida’s voice and guitar and coloured with tin whistles, violin, bodhran and cello.

I particularly enjoyed the rich sound and rhythms of the bodhran.

The production qualities of this recording are really high with lovely sounds on all the instruments and the vocals.

The subtle use of electronic instruments hints at a modern, world music sound too.

The words are clear and easily understood.

Nerida builds her songs around themes of nature, spirituality and relationships.

Nerida isn’t afraid of talking about God in her songs on this CD and what that means for her.

She says, “I look on my life as a journey, a road winding round mountains and gullies and vast red plains … and in front the One who leads out way”.

The final song, Living Desert, is a beautiful a cappella song which uses evocative desert and earth spiritual metaphors; “my roots have grown deep … anchoring in the earth … but anyone knows … it’s what’s inside that counts … I’ll wait for my Maker to come”.

It reminded me of the themes of some old gospel songs which describe a longing for a better life with God after passing.

This is a really interesting, well produced CD which I enjoyed listening to.

It’s a short CD with only six tracks but it is priced lower than a full-length CD.

You may have seen Nerida Cuddy playing at some of Australia’s best folk festivals and this CD gives you a really nice introduction to her.

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