Newstead Live Music Festival



Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue at Newstead

by Kelly Skinner

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The appeal of a folk festival may start with the performers, but it goes far beyond that.

When you come to Newstead Live, on January 25-28, you feel welcome to Newstead!

The centre of Newstead, in country Victoria, its footy ground, Dig café, The Crown Hotel, The Country Store, the swimming pool and a chunk of the side street are all ready to welcome the hundreds of people who come to town.

There is plenty of opportunity to catch up with every act as all forty acts have 3 or 4 sets over the duration, playing at a different venue each time.

So, there’s plenty of time to catch up with old friends, make new festival friends, join in the sessions, play at a blackboard concert and enjoy some of the delicious food and yummy coffees available.

The core of the festival is the performers, and at Newstead Live, we curate the acts to appeal to a variety of folk, and to give them a range of experiences.

I like to think of it as something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

For 2024, we have a few favorites, like Greg Champion and Dingo’s Breakfast.

For something new, we have Austral, the young Celtic band from Melbourne, and Apolline, the most talked about newcomers to the festival in 2023.

Also new are some fresh acts on the scene waiting for you to discover.

We have borrowed acts from the UK, look out for Good Habits and Winter Wilson.

Also borrowed is Tio from Vanuatu, an energetic and charismatic singer in his own language.

For something blue, the tried and true JoJo Smith will bring you her mixture of blues, sole, funk, R&B, Latin and jazz.

Look out also for some roving and street performers, Red Raven Morris and the Woodend Warblers.

Bring your instruments and your voice, don’t forget to bring your togs for a dip in the pool, and be assured we have air-conditioning and misters in place to keep you cool for our midsummer festival.

A weekend ticket is only $150, that’s about $3.75 per act!

What value!

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