Northern Beaches Music Festival




Northern Beaches Music Festival

by Paul Robertson

Published in T&N 151 October 2022


Hello friends of live music, welcome to the Sydney Northern Beaches Music Festival 2022.

We, like a magical musical phoenix rising from the ashes of Covid closure, are once again raising our live music banner high.

On November 5 and 6, we are presenting 50 acts on five stages over the weekend.

The festival is located at the Tramshed Community Arts Centre and The Berry Reserve by the beautiful Narrabeen Lake.

Our festival includes fabulous, multi genre world music on four ticketed stages and one free to the general public stage, set amidst our festival village of world food and merchandise stalls.

All of our community and beyond are welcome to a fantastic weekend of live music, dance, food and performing arts.

When we say “multi genre world music” we mean it.

From the brilliant Afro Moses delivering African dance rhythms and song, to the toe tapping, hard driving swamp blues of Daddy Longlegs and The Swamp Donkey, to “they just make me want to dance “ Psycho Zydeco and the wild Celtic whirlwind that is Firrin.

Following this is the original country diva, Lou Bradley, plus the bluest of grasses, The Willing Ponies and the local original genius, Luke Escombe.

But wait!

It doesn’t stop there, as we also have the glorious danceable and costumed Ukranian band Jaga and the original high energy dynamism of Akova, plus the up tempo Anglophiles, Traditional Graffiti, and the coolest of groove, Dead Mellow, as well as the raucous punk folk juggernaut, The Bottlers and the awesome retro 70’s cabaret of The Trippy Hippy Band.

Other acts include Australian legendary troubadour, Pat Drummond, BluesAngels and the touring international artist from the USA, George Mann.

Wow!! What can I say?

It’s going to be great.

The list of the other incredibly talented original artists goes on and on.

You are going to love it!

This is definitely a BYO dancing shoes fun event!

The Northern Beaches Music Festival is a not for profit, community based event operating since 2011.

We are supported be The Northern Beaches Council, Mona Vale Music, FFWOIN Multimedia Productions and The Northern Beaches Music Alliance, which is made up of seven major music clubs.

These are the Shack, The Manly Fig, Humph Hall, Fairlight Folk, Songs on Stage, The Music Lounge and The Acoustic Picnic.

The Alliance’s collective aims are: To produce and present musicians and other performing artists including local and up and coming artists; To provide support for and to create performing arts venues in our community; and, To invite and involve our diverse community including local schools, the disabled, plus our multi-cultural and First Nation members, especially with regard to music, performing arts, food, dance, costume and culture.

So there you have it!

The Northern Beaches Music Festival is back and it is an affordable and enjoyable live music event not to be missed.

Everyone is invited to attend.

We are also looking for volunteers and for more information on that and ticket sales and program please refer to our website

See you there!




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