Penny Hartgerink – Four Days


Review by John Williams
This CD reached number one
on the Australian independent
EP/single charts.
Enough said!
It is a quality CD from a singer/
songwriter who is going places.
Penny has recently formed a band
called ‘The Mystics’ and is working
quite a lot around her Kiama base.
The CD opens with the title track
‘Four Days’ which is a great track
about a girl going home to the sea
after attempting to live elsewhere
and not quite fitting in.
Home is a safe bet under the
Track two, ‘Honest and True’,
is about putting up walls to stop
yourself from being hurt.
As Penny says in the song, “I try
so hard to keep out the bad so I
miss out on the good.’
With her new relationship she
decides to take the chance to be
“honest and true.”
The third track ‘Truth’, is about
someone going through a bad time
and a friend saying that they have
been there in the past and that they
Things will get better, just hang in
‘Please Don’t Say’ is a sad song
about a relationship break-up and
the feelings of the one who has
been hurt by the break-up.
The final track on the CD is ‘Don’t
Fool Me’.
I found this very powerful indeed.
A friend is feeling low and trying
to hide it but the other person
knows this person well and is trying
to get them to tell the truth about
their feelings.
We all need a friend like this at
times who knows us better than we
know ourselves, at least when we
aren’t thinking straight.
This is a CD of meaningful tracks
performed by a talented singer/
songwriter with great backing.
You could do a lot worse than
give this singer a go.

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