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Review by Gary deWolf Phil is an ex-pat Pom who’s been living for some years now in the Newcastle (NSW) area. I’d seen his name on various festival lineups (Newcastle, Berry) but I’d never listened to him till now. My loss, because boy he sure makes some beautiful music. It took me a couple of listens to tune into what I was hearing, because to my ears Phil’s songwriting features unusual structures, intonation, – and phrasing (I know what I mean). And he has an interesting voice — a sort of mix of Paul Kelly, Sime Nugent and JJ Cale. Underpinning it all is his very nice playing of a range of resonators and acoustic guitars (6 string, 12 string, baritone tricone, Weissenborn, National Resorocket). There is some very sweet stuff happening here. Very like Jeff Lang, perhaps without the fl ashy stuff. He’s helped out by Roni Francois (bass, drums, piano, percussion), Michael King (electric guitars), Christian Marsh (harp), Paul Rutter (fretless bass), and Murray Campbell (djembe, Moroccan talking drum, Rain Stick) and they all provide very tasteful accompaniment and solos without ever overshadowing Phil and his guitar. It’s a very nicely mixed album – a lovely rich sound that really rewards careful listening. It’s not an album to be listened to in my car – the road noise covers up too much good stuff. Put it on in a quiet moment and sit back and listen – it’s well worth the effort. Phil’s storytelling and sweet playing is perfectly showcased in beautiful tracks like It Could Be Me, Price I Pay, Troubled Mind, and I Don’t Stop. Songs of life, love, loss, and despair, all written by Phil and all beautifully presented. The next time this guy plays The Tea Club in Nowra I’ll be there. Check out Phil at www. or www.myspace. com/philedgeley , or better still, go to a gig. I reckon you’ll go home with a copy of this CD.

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