Pigs, The – Self Titled


CD review by Peter J. Whyte

Crikey, this CD is a gem. The songs are incredible, they are funny and they are beautifully performed. It was such a treat to listen to. The production and arrangements are top class. I particularly enjoyed the playing. Every instrument was handled to perfection including the singing.

I know I am starting to rave on a bit…but comedy is one thing … but doing it with classy players adds another dimension to your listening pleasure.

I was lucky enough to catch The Pigs live show at the Illawarra Folk Festival and was so impressed. I especially loved their cover version of ‘Like a Virgin.’ I held it together ’till that song but then cracked up at this talented group of young men.

The Pigs are enjoying success right now and rightly so. The CD has 13 Tracks. And like their show there are some covers but most are originals. However I must suggest that you to hop onto The Pigs website and track down a show. Go see it and then treat yourself to a CD at the show. You will bung it in the player and, like me, I bet you won’t leave home without it.

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