Salvation Jane – Something Old Something New


CD Review by Chris Spencer

This group consisting of five women is generally associated with accapella, but on this recording about half the songs have some musical accompaniment, mainly that of guitarist Mick McIvor.

The group were formed in the early 1990s, recorded 2 albums and have just re-formed after a 16 year hiatus.

This album sees them recording 11 new songs, with 6 having been recorded on the previous albums, although I am unable to tell if they are new recordings or the previous songs being included as a sort of a compilation of the band’s earlier work.

The album flows well, the songs seamlessly mixing together, the older songs not sounding dated. The songs are often short, with only a couple being over 3 minutes in length.

The band have chosen a mixture of material, ranging from gospel/ spiritual tunes, traditional songs, several covers and one original song written by Rose Sexton that compares well with the rest of the album.

The arrangements vary from group singing to solo voices with interesting vocal accompaniment, or with a solo vocalist singing the verse and the group the chorus. There are lush, lovely harmonies on many of the songs.

Traditional songs recorded here include “Soon I will be Done”, “Travellin’ Shoes”, “Wayfarin’ Stranger”, “Two Wings”. They have also recorded “Saucy Sailor” and “The Parting Glass”, two more traditional songs, but for the arrangement for both, the band have credited the Wailin’ Jennys. Covers include “Dancer to the Drum”, “Good Girls”, “Victim/Volunteer” (originally recorded by Christine Lavin), Greg Champion’s “See You Again” and Eric Bogle’s “Shelter”. The Bob Dylan song, “Ring Them Bells” has been previously released on the Festival Folk sing Dylana compilation earlier this year.

The only other accompaniment, other than the previously mentioned guitar, appears on their recording of the Tom Lear collaboration “Calico Pie” which features ukulele, tin whistle and whistling, and on “See You Again” which has a bass guitar and percussion. I found this album an enjoyable listen, with its array of brief, light tunes that never was boring.

If you enjoy accapella with superb harmonies with an interesting choice of material, you should seek out this cd.

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