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Tom Bolton’s journey into music covers thirty years of songwriting, three albums of original folk-acoustic songs, a decade of gigs and festivals, and airplay on independent radio in Australia, Europe, USA and Canada.

Shines with the skilfully constructed rhymes, rhythms and tunes that we have come to expect from this talented modern minstrel.

CD REVIEW – By John Williams
Tom Bolton has a distinctive, individual sound which is very easy to listen to.
Tom plays fine guitar on the CD and also does the lead vocals.
He is assisted by Min Flipo and Peter Haydon on percussion and vocals.
They do a fine job.
Min, and Bruce Shearer, also assisted with the writing of some tracks on the CD.
The bulk of the writing is Tom Bolton’s.
The CD opens with “Breaking Away”.

The second track “Every Street Corner” has a lovely blending of voices.
It is here we are introduced to the innovative percussion which is a feature of the CD.
My favorite track is “Still You Go Before Me” which is a tribute to a parent.
It is a beautiful song written by Tom and Min and was a real highlight for me.
It deserves a wide audience.  I loved it.

Another interesting track was “Border of Love” which was about someone looking for love and either missing out or lacking the commitment to go for it.
You decide.

There are eleven tracks on this CD and they are all easy listening which is great after a hard day at work or such. I enjoyed the CD and can recommend it.
This is another fine addition to Australia’s growing band of self produced singer/songwriters.
They are to be encouraged.

We can do our bit by supporting them through purchasing their CDs and supporting them at festivals and other venues.

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