Stormcellar – Carl’s Chair


CD review by Peter J Whyte

Great … Great Sound. This band is really known as a swamp band and I am so glad I got to listen to their latest album. Sadly I have not caught Stormcellar in concert.

A quick look at the gig guide tells me they are busy boys and I am not surprised.

This CD was recorded on the porch of ‘Burgoon’ in Cumnock NSW.

The CD Sleeve has ample pics of the production event and from the sound of the CD, it was an enjoyable exercise for all. I sorta wish I was there!

When I read the sleeve, it explains that the CD has been “fixed” and mastered in other studios so the recordings are not as raw as one would expect from a porch recording session.

The CD is a cruisy blend of blues and mountain acoustic rock. Great pub music.

The players include harp, mandolin, guitars and acoustic bass.

In addition, there is fine backing and harmony singers including sensational singing girlies on “Southern Belles” who have contributed to the CD.

The band web page will introduce you to the players. The songs are swampy and certainly catchy and well worth a listen.

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