Tiffany Eckhardt – Looking for Signs


Tiffany Eckhardt lead vocals, guitar+Daniella Rocca piano accordian, tin whistle, vocals+Sandy Brady double bass, vocals+Nick Farnell drums+Nigel Maclean violin+Mark Donaldson piano, vocals.

Tiffany has been referred to as “Australia’s Sweetheart of Folk” though her music is a mix of folk, pop,roots and blues.

She is a prolific songwriter and has released six solo albums over the past twelve years establishishing herself as a respected writer and performer in the acoustic music scene.

Her music has been played widely on community and ABC Radio including Triple J and she regularly appears at music festivals, pubs and clubs across the country with her partner, renowned musician Dave Steel.

Tiffany is currently working with Dave on her seventh album, “Sunday” which will be released in late 2009.

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