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After the rich arrangements of Tracey
Roberts cabaret-pop CDs recorded in Europe, LINK is a much more sparse
and acoustic contemporary folk CD of four songs, the most impressive
and emotional being the first song, “Daniel’s Hands”, written about her
son. There is a dreamy, cosmic query into truth “If you told them”, a
poignant, almost tribal a cappella piece “Home” and a cruisy, jazzy
number about the appreciation of friends and time “Harvest Moon”. Again
displaying her ability to write interesting lyrics and music combining
quality with diversity, this is a beautiful collection of songs to
enjoy time and time again.

CD review by Tony Smith

Tracey Roberts says on her website that she is into artistic music and musical art.

This 2003 album is certainly aural art.

There are just four tracks, mainly Tracey and her piano, but the 20 odd minutes heard here would convince the most stringent critic of her talent.

Roberts articulates her lyrics well and her deep voice is a perfect vehicle for the style of song she favours on this CD.

And importantly, the piano is a perfect foil for the songs.

You can imagine her sitting at a baby grand and providing uplifting background music for a black-tie event in the swankiest venues.

You might also think that anyone who aspires to sing the kind of light opera made popular by the Lloyd Webber generation can eat their heart out with envy.

Tracey Roberts must have a great stage presence with her commanding range, clear voice and sweet piano.

Tracey Roberts enjoys collaborating with other musicians.

On these tracks, backing vocals, bass and electric guitar, weave seamlessly into the rhythms and harmonies.

Janette Geri (backing vocals), Phil Smith (bass and lead guitar) and Chris Hallam (bass and lead guitar) are the backing musicians here.

Roberts is a subtle arranger.

The four tracks are ‘Daniel’s Hands’, ‘If You Told Them’, ‘Home’ and ‘Harvest Moon’.

There is an imprint of infant son, Daniel’s, hands on the sleeve notes.

‘If You Told Them’ shows Roberts’ skill expressing the blues.

‘Home’ is about belonging either in place or spirit.

As Tracey works in the Dandenongs outside Melbourne, the ‘Harvest Moon’ in question probably illuminates wheat stubble in December.

Some listeners are no doubt suckers for this style of music.

I am not.

So, when I say that I am truly impressed with Tracey Roberts’ song writing, playing and singing, you can be sure that I am genuinely in awe of the ability Link hints at.

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