Tracey Roberts – Shades of Blue


CD Review by Graham Blackley

Shades of Blue is the eighth CD from globetrotting Australian vocalist and pianist Tracey Roberts who also happens to be an accomplished visual artist. Roberts has an impressive resume that demonstrates her industriousness, talent and flexibility.

For instance, she has played a diverse range of music that includes folk, jazz and cabaret; she supported Arlo Guthrie in Australia in the early 80’s; she has performed in a host of countries including India, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Sweden and played in front of thousands of people a few years ago at the Monash Carols by Candlelight.

The rich and resonant sound of the full-length Steinway grand piano lies at the heart of Shades of Blue which is a warm and incredibly relaxing eleven track album.

Roberts’ heartfelt interpretation of the Leonard Cohen classic Hallelujah is guaranteed to stir the emotions of even the most casual listener while the improvised instrumentals Chasm and Snow bewitch with their haunting atmosphere and wordless eloquence.

Roberts employs a strong and emotive vocal presence to full dramatic effect near the end of the quietly powerful Jeremy, a song described colourfully on her website as being “a macabre and violent tale of lust.” On her gentle rendition of the old Cat Stevens gem Moonshadow, Roberts weaves intricate and seductive vocal harmonies that are sure to charm.

The lightness of touch and laid-back feel of Shades of Blue ensures that it is the ideal soundtrack to a regenerative Sunday afternoon spent ensconced happily on the couch.

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