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Edition 161 – Trad&Now
The Stockman’s Last Bed P4
Sunbury 1974: The day Queen were booed in Australia P6
Club and Venues Directory P10
Are holograms the future? P12
What’s on around the clubs? P16
The wetlands project P17
Music industry mourns loss off trailblazers in 2023 P18
Eleanor McEvoy returns to oz with her latest album P24
New album from Penelope Swales P25
Festival Directory P26
Festival News & Reviews
Neil Murray to head Eel Festival music line-up P29
Eric Bogle added to Blue Mountains festival line-up P31
The Wonders of Woodford P32
Bush Traditions’ Gathering in February P40
A ripper of a lineup for Cobargo ‘24 P41
A delightful Verandah Music Festival in Tasmania P43
Rain, hail or flood, Nariel Creek went ahead P44
2023 folk festivals reviewed – A personal view P46
Performers’ Directory P52
Dance News
Ukrainian Village Dance – Family Fun Night P55
Fred’s over 80 and still dancing P56
Try jigging instead of jogging P57
Dance Directory P58
Poetry and the written word
Festival to include Bush Poetry Championships P59
A glint amid the rubbish P61
Poets Directory P62
In Didj’n’us P63
Folk Radio Directory P65
Bluegrass News P66
CD Reviews P69
Music Industry and Organisations Directory P73
New Arrivals! P75
Directory Listing P77
Trad&Now Order Form P78

Trad&Now is an independent, monthly magazine that was established in 2002 to serve the burgeoning Australian folk, blues, roots, bluegrass, indy, alternative and world music and dance industry.

Trad&Now has become the longest running Australian national music magazine covering these genres and is primarily available by subscription in hard copy form from the website, as well as from all good newsagents throughout Australia.

Trad&Now is one of the few remaining hard copy national music magazines in the world and it’s only $66 to subscribe for 12 months (8 editions) or $121 for two years (16 editions) and it includes a free compilation CD. Subscribers are also entitled to a free entry in one of the seven directories published in each edition of the magazine.

For subscribers outside Australia, the cost is $AU96.00 including postage for one year (8 editions). A two year overseas subscription (16 editions) costs $AU181.00

Trad&Now reaches thousands of people around Australia including the majority of folk performers, folk clubs, festival organisers, dancers and folk music enthusiasts around the country. It is a perfect medium for anyone wishing to reach this specific and difficult to get to market.

We receive a great deal of material about tours, new albums, festivals, events etc and because of severe space restrictions and other priorities, there is no guarantee that any material received will be published. However, advertisers are given priority, and editorial related to any advertising to support it is guaranteed.

Given the financial difficulties experienced by the music industry during the pandemic, we’ve purposely kept advertising costs extremely low starting from only $AU88 + GST for a full colour 1/8th page. Spread over a number of shows in a tour, the cost shared by each one is negligible. Similarly, when advertising a festival, the cost is covered by the sale of only a few tickets.

As you’ll see from our website, we have the world’s largest selection of recorded Australian music in the genres covered by the magazine, in stock, ready for dispatch, anywhere in the World. We would be happy to add your music to this extensive range on consignment and have a review done and published. We only need five copies for stock to start with plus a review copy.

Folk music in its broadest sense includes traditional folk music, contemporary acoustic and alternative music, roots, blues, world, Americana, Australiana and multicultural music as is often heard at hundreds of festivals and folk clubs around Australia. This huge and growing market has been virtually ignored by the commercial music industry. This niche target market can only be easily and inexpensively reached through Trad&Now.

Trad&Now regularly carries in its 80 full colour, full gloss pages of news, an up to date festival calendar, festival reviews and previews and seven contact directories. It also has CD reviews and all the latest news making it a vital ongoing reference tool for anyone interested in any of these activities.

Back issues are also available.


Trad&Now Live! and Trad&Now magazine sponsorship opportunities 

Trad&Now Live! is a free international streaming service for Australian folk music in its broadest sense.

Launched in July 2023, it operates like a radio station which can be heard world wide, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Genres included are traditional and contemporary folk music, bluegrass, acoustic blues, roots, Australiana, Americana, Celtic, World music and traditional dance music, with a little bit of bush poetry. More music is added every week. Click on the logo on the home page to listen any time, day or night. .

This is the first such service for Australian folk music and is an ideal medium for making Australian folk music available to everyone, at any time, all around Australia and in fact anywhere in the world as well.

It is also an excellent medium through which folk music related businesses, performers and events can reach folk music fans around Australia and beyond.

Trad&Now Live! complements the Trad&Now magazine and the Trad&Now website, all cross promoting each other.

A constantly updated radio playlist and other content information is available on the website.

All music heard was recorded in Australia and is available on a CD available from the Trad&Now website. The Trad&Now website has the world’s largest selection of Australian recorded folk music listed and available for sale, and Trad&Now Live! is exposing this vast catalogue of music to the world.

Advertising/sponsorship opportunities exist both in the magazine and more immediately on Trad&Now Live!.

Advertising rates in the magazine start from only $60 plus GST for a 1/8th of a page, while on Trad&Now Live!, rates start from only $1.38 per 30 second advertisement. There will only be a maximum of 4 X 30 second advertisements played per hour making the number of spots available extremely limited. Another option is to be the “sponsor” of one of the specific genre music hours which includes three advertisements in that hour for only $7.50 per day.

For more information or to submit material, contact

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