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Urban EXcentrics began as a folk / rock / blues duo consisting of vocalist Ann Palumbo playing double bass and mandolin, and Larry Hoofs playing guitar and citern with effects.
The band has now expanded to include Paul Laszlo, who plays double bass and banjo.
We use classical bass lines, jazzy guitar chords, traditional instruments and electronic effects to highlight our contemporary Australian music, which is mostly original and acoustic.
Selective use of guitar and electronic effects creates a post-modernist blend of technology, western counterpoint styles and world rhythms.
A unique feature of our live and studio style is our use of two separate double basses.
The fans of Urban EXcentrics have described us at different times as a mini orchestra, a rock band… an acoustic kaleidescope.

“A more unusual duo from Sydney presenting their 2nd CD. Ann Palumbo and Larry Hoof both sing, share the composing and play ass array of instruments, including double bass, mandolin, various guitars, banjo and boo-zouki. There are also sonic. guest Mli.SkiallS On the recording, including drums on SOW tracks. The sounds, arrange-moms and songs arc, mostly acoustic, but contemporary, and are interesting and diverse.” Review by Dieter Bajzak.

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