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Brophy’s Road begins the journey of a self confessed songwriter. These songs have been waiting a long time to be recorded and for some it’s been years since they were first written. Like an old friend the Rocky Road to Dublin is a song I grew up with in my Irish family. The familiarity of that story still resonates with me today in my Australian home. I have travelled many miles, listened to many stories, seen the world changing that forced my pen to write and my music to play. It’s all about the journey we take and the moves we make and the recognition that this in not a practice, but the reality. I’d like to say I thought about the title of this CD very carefully. But the reality is, I casually looked at a road sign that said another name and turning to my wife and saying Brophy’s Road, what do you think? And she said brilliant! Was there some sort of intuitive contact with the universe about this decision? Vince Brophy is a finger style guitarist singer songwriter. From Melbourne, Vince has produced 6 albums his latest “Brophy’s Road”. It’s original & Celtic contemporary music mixed into a lovely brew. Vince is currently working with Toni McDonald & Cora Browne who produced that something very special both on the CD and on stage, we’ve become known as B Mc B. Our stories resonate with an audience that’ll have them singing in no time, songs in Irish, gospel, blues and tunes both melodious and wild. It’s a colourful backdrop of music and instrumentation that accompanies our stage show and one that’s never short of humour banter or songs to bring a tear or gladden the heart. Backbeat – Live, Kicking and Re-mastered by John Williams Fans may already have this CD seeing as it was fi rst released twenty years ago and then remastered in 1997. Then again there may be a whole generation who have not heard it and would enjoy it. So here goes. Backbeat is a live recording which is self described as rockin’, bluesy bluegrass and I couldn’t put it better myself. If you love toe tapping music played by accomplished musicians then you will enjoy this CD. The musicians are Daryl Melbourne, Andrew Clermont, Brian Dover, Rick Ide and Bruce Priddis. Four tracks are composed by Dover and the rest are a mix of composers ranging from Jimmy Rogers (Blue Yodel), through Otis Blackwell (Great Balls of Fire) through to Elmer Bernstein (Magnifi cent Seven). And the band does justice to them all. From the opening bars of the fi rst track ‘She’s Long’ you are tapping your toes and you don’t stop until the fi nal notes of the last track ‘Great Balls of Fire’. Bluegrass style tracks I really enjoyed were ‘The Outlaw’, ‘One Way Track’, ‘Better Slow Down’, ‘Say Goodbye’, ‘Vamp in the Middle’, a great fi ddle track, and ‘Get in the Wind’. The quieter ‘Forest Ranger’ is a track worth listening to as is ‘Higher Ground’. ‘You Don’t Think About Me When I’m Gone’ and the bluesy ‘Working Man’ were another couple of great listening tracks. I really enjoyed the bluegrass treatment given to ‘Magnifi cent Seven’ and especially ‘Great Balls of Fire’. They both made for very enjoyable listening and made me see both tunes in a new light. There are also two bonus tracks which are not noted on the cover. This is a CD I can recommend for any reader who enjoys bluegrass.
So I’m pleased to announce this CD to the world. 1. Rocky Road to Dublin 2. Christening Gown 3. Famine Ireland 4. Water is Wide 5. Spancil Hill 6. Caledonia 7. Do you thing that I do not know 8. Billy Moran (The Man from Galway) 9. City Block 10. Were you There 11. Always, Always 12. Mr Music 13. Between the Moon and the Sun 14. Brindabella Moon 15. Bonus Track
Vince Brophy – Brophy’s Road CD review by John Williams
This is Vince Brophy’s sixth CD. He brings a wealth of musical experience to the recording having performed widely in Australia and overseas in venues as diverse as Brest, France to Port Fairy and Woodford. Vince teaches at Koroit during the Lake School of Celtic Music, Song and Dance, so is well known in those circles. Vince has surrounded himself with experienced musicians to create a great sound. He has written the majority of tracks but has also included some old favorites which he handles with a deft touch. These include ‘Rocky Road to Dublin’, ‘The Water is Wide’ and the Henry Lawson/Chris Kempster classic, ‘Do You Think That I Do Not Know?’. Vince has written a great tribute to Billy Moran, ‘Billy Moran (The Man From Galway)’. ‘Christening Gown’ was a track I really enjoyed. It is a tribute to the thousands of female convicts who helped make our great country what it is today despite at times appalling treatment. The gown that inspired the song still exists and has been donated to the Female Factory Museum. Vince covers ideas from the historical ‘Famine Island’ to the contemporary ‘City Block’. He also writes songs from a personal perspective. The beautiful lyrics of ‘Brindabella Moon’ and ‘Between the Moon and the Sun’ are well worth a listen. I enjoyed this CD and can recommend it. It makes for pleasant listening and is at times challenging as well.

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