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A comprehensive rte4source for traditional country dancing.

Why Dance? launch of new guide

as published in Sussex Express UK

Why Dance? has been compiled by Jane Downes and Pat King and is the culmination of their years of involvement and experience in local traditional music and movement.

Traditional country dance was celebrated at King Offa primary school with the launch of a new guide aimed at all ages and ability.

The launch was attended by guests Councillor Joanne Gadd, chairman of Rother District Council, and Shirley Collins MBE who wrote the foreword to the book.

A highlight was a display of dance by King Offa pupils joined by youngsters from other schools such as Little Common primary school, Bexhill High, and Glyne Gap – the age range covered children from seven years old right through to 15, as well as assorted adults who joined in.

They were guided through routines by Pat who has long been teaching country dance at King Offa which is renowned locally through displays at local events.

The launch was described as a “celebration” by Jane Downes as she watched Pat calling out to the dancers and telling them what moves to make next.

Shirley Collins commented: “What is so lovely about country dance is the innocence and the fact it brings all generations together. Everyone can do it – more sedately when you are older, of course. It is such a social activity – you are not bopping around on the floor by yourself, you are with other people. It’s there for the pleasure of dance and the music, and it is English.

“I think country dance is such fun for the kids – they can let off steam and use up energy, and it is much better exercise because it seems like more of a natural activity, and one you don’t have to be very good at to do, although the better you get it, of course, the more you enjoy it. It is part of the English folk tradition which is so precious to us.”

Head teacher Jenni Miller commented: “When you come to sing or dance together there are no barriers. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t got a common language or a common culture, because dance knows no barriers…it brings people together.”

Why Dance is aimed at teaching dance to youngsters from primary school age upwards, but is suitable for dancers of any age, and is also geared towards adult clubs and groups and learners of different levels, and is very much about keeping heritage alive.

Paperback   Spiral bound  iv 50pp Illus A4 and 2 CDs of dace length music by Catsfield Steamers

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