8 Ball Aitken – Rebel With A Cause


With his geographic compass set firmly in north Queensland, and his musical compass flickering across the dial from the US west coast (Creedence Clearwater Revival) to the US east coast (just about anyone from the Mississipi delta), 8 Ball Aitken is a (cyclonic) force of nature. He’s a dab hand on both electric and acoustic guitar, with a particular fondness for, and expertise with the Dobro/National Steel. He has a pleasant and very listenable voice, rather sweeter than you might expect from someone well-infused with a blues/country repertoire. There’s nothing particularly deep and meaningful going on in the songwriting department, but clearly this is material that goes down a bomb in the live show! Basically it’s good time music from Queensland’s equivalent of a ‘good ol’ boy”, and as 8 Ball rather aptly puts it “Follow me down to the party, Turn the music up to ten!” With Garth Porter’s usual immaculate production, this is an album for wild parties, or long journeys on lonesome highways. Either way, you will be entertained.
Review by Ian Dearden

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