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Adam’s music is diverse and interesting with a range of subjects covered lyrically and a melodic fusion of folk, rock and blues in his musical style. Adam has a voice which is often commented on for its quality and individual sound. He is a passionate performer and the crowd responds well to his popular but unique style. Adam Jones’ social media is growing fast and he has received interest in his music from across Australia and around the world. Adam Jones resides on the Central Coast just north of Sydney will be initially playing live in the Sydney, Central Coast and Newcastle/Hunter regions and also plans to tour around Australia.

CD review by Tony Smith

In many ways it is surprising that this 2017 album by Adam Jones and friends has not become better known outside their location on the NSW Central Coast.

There is variety in the dozen tracks and it seems likely that most of the songs would be well received by both an outdoors blues audience and by ‘pub rock’ patrons.

Jones’ lyrics certainly demand careful listening.

Jones, on guitar and vocals is ably assisted by Jason ‘Jazzwolf’ Newcombe, whose electric guitar provides soaring background to several tracks.

Jacob Hunt plays bass guitar and Eric Camilleri keyboards, while Mark Cashin provides percussion and also has roles on the production side.

The instrumentalists and Rachel Griffin and John Attard add vocal backing.

Shakespeare referred to the surrendering of the spirit in lovemaking as a ‘little death’.

The title track finds the singer ‘out of breath’ and needing rest after reaching the crest of a wave.

There are references to planting seed and a met need.

Other tracks on the broader theme of love include ‘Charmed’ – “love allows you to be yourself, takes you off the shelf, makes you calm” – and the boys’ own fantasy ‘She Drops Her Bikini’ which is figuratively about being open and loving what you see.

‘Take Me There’ expresses the fragility of relationships and recommends getting on with life and enjoying it.

In ‘I Get To Come Home To You’ the singer happily goes to work knowing that his love will be at home later.

‘I Want Love’ hopes it will be possible to take away all the stings, possibly another bardic allusion?

‘Whistle’ promises instructions on ‘how to curl your lips and feel forever young’.

‘Walk Home’ is a song of regret.

When you get so maudlin drunk your band and your girl desert you, there is at least home, but home alone.

Other songs lament how modern life forces us to behave unnaturally, and some urge resistance to the heartless forces that break individuals.

These are fine protests.

‘Bigger Than All I Know’ expresses frustration about “all the hate they have hurled, then lead the so-called free world”.

Again love saves us from the pain and craziness.

‘The Force’ advises against taking the advice of the powerful.

‘Another Headline’ – to choke on my cereal while ‘shattered shells of what were persons float by on rivers of dollar bills’.

Again there is frustration that people ignore the ills, but also an acknowledgement that it is secure to retreat to the safety of loving arms.

‘Trailblazers’ is a good final track because it suggests that we can take some action, we can sit and stare blankly or we can be trailblazers, hell raisers, ‘get out of our way’.

The best tracks are those where Adam Jones begins with quiet acoustic guitar and establishes the theme of a song.

Then the band joins in to drive the piece along.

Generally, the songs have some repetition at the end to make sure the messages are not lost and nor should they be.

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