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Alan Kelly has played with some of the world’s best musicians and is himself an Irish-born international performer of many years experience. Alan is well known for his many appearances with band The Barleyshakes, as well as other line-ups such as The Surfi Murphies and Jabaru. This recording was recorded in the Thatre of Fire, Wicklow Coistine Studios, Dublin, Ireland.

Alan Kelly featuring Frankie Lane- I Think I’ll Stick to Water
Review by John Williams

Irish born musician Alan Kelly has a wide musical background having previously played with the Barleyshakers, Surfi Murphies and Jabaru.
The CD opens with the title track “I Think I’ll Stick to Water”.
This song, with its driving beat and strong, clear vocals, sets up the listener for a musical journey well worth the listening effort.
Most of the songs on the CD are Kelly’s solo writing efforts.
His voice has a haunting quality, especially on some of the slower numbers such as “Chillagoe Dive”.
The songs cover a range of topics and all have special associations for Alan which are detailed in the cover notes.
His world wide travels are recorded there also as he writes about where each song’s inspiration came from.
I’d have preferred to see the lyrics in the cover notes but that’s just a personal thing.
I liked the whole CD but some of the songs were special for different reasons.
“Hypochondriac” has solid and varied percussion throughout which I thought made for a quite interesting sound.
The pace changes with “Church” which has a very relaxing feel to it.
You can feel the homesickness of the traveller far from home in “I Miss My Mammy”.
I also liked “Sail the Burning Ocean” with its message of protecting what we have.
The guitar playing of Alan and Frankie Lane is a feature of the CD.
I can recommend this CD as well worth a listen.

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