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“Absolutely gorgeous; 10/10!!” Phillip Adams; ABC’s “Late Night Live” ” This is a fine album by one of our best local singers. If Folk music is your thing, then this is an album to run out and grab immediately. Anne’s beautiful, complex music, sensitive lyrics and heartfelt vocals make this one of the best of recent releases…………” Blue Mountains FM Radio As Blue Mountains Musician of the Year, 2005 was a very successful year for Anne Ridgway. Her second album, “Turn Your World Around” gives a pretty good idea as to why. Earthy and acoustic but very, very gentle; Anne’s skills as a singer, songwriter and guitarist are much in evidence and all are excellent. Don’t, however, expect any cutting edge or confronting lyric lines from this release. The most in the way of social commentary that we see here is in “Shine” and “Garden Days”, which are personal reflections on the value and wonder of children and the long term effect of the ethics and the love that we pass onto them. The CD is dedicated to her own young children, Zoe and Alice, and it is obvious from Bar One that “Turn Your World Around” is a very personal journey. But if this album is introspective, it is far from inaccessible. The entire production has a feel about it which invites the listener to curl up close to Anne, watching over her shoulder while she speaks to herself, sorting through a box of memories and dreams. It is almost possible to feel like an intruder………..that perhaps it would be better to tip-toe out before she looked up and noticed that you were watching. For me “China Seas” and Garden Days” are the standouts on this release although there are some traditionals such as “She Moved Through the Fair” which are also treated beautifully and simply. The production by Robin Janus at Crisp Audio is a perfect match for this approach, as indeed are the choice of backing musicians. Liz Frencham (on double bass) and Tony Pyzakowski (on violin) add their instruments sparcely and sensitively so that they never distract from the central themes. This is an outstanding Blue Mountains release. Some lovely cover photography and design are also worthy of a mention and they complete what is overall, a worthy addition to any serious acoustic music buffs collection. Pat Drummond

About the artist: A smooth, mellow voice with rich and sometimes haunting harmonies combines with intricate, ambient chord progressions to present soulful original songs and ballads with a Celtic and Jazz influence expressing the power of the human spirit.

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