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Alex’s beautiful nylon sting guitar playing won him many accolades for his first album The Journey (Planet/MGM) in 2009.
With the release of his new album, ‘Renaissance of Life’ this month (also on Planet/MGM) both his playing and writing have moved on to another place and time.
The ex Russian, Melbourne based composer and musician has been rehearsing sometimes eight hours a day and has been collaborating and learning from some of the classical guitar masters around the world.
The likes of Tariq Harb and Eduardo Minnozi Costa have been guides along the path to this new album.
All made possible by the wonders of the internet and Skype, in particular.
“At first they didn’t think is was possible to work in this way” says Alex.

“But I would show them it was easy to do and we have worked that way ever since”.
The results are self-evident when you listen to the album.
Other players are catching on too, with Alex composing a piece for a young American guitarist, which she performed at a classical guitar competition.
His 9,000 YouTube subscribers couldn’t be happier either.
With the album finally released worldwide, Alex hopes to garner more fans both online and in the offline world; with both his amazing music and tabs available, it shouldn’t be too hard.
Recent comments: YouTube
Russian Romance
“I watched this song played by someone else on youtube.
He mentioned the composer as Alex Chudnovsky, which I imagined to be a 19th century romantic guitarist like Tarrega.
Later, I saw this video and I couldn’t believe my eyes that it was made recently by someone who is still alive!”
Renaissance of life
“I just love your classically inspired music, Alex! To my ears, it sounds like the beautiful music of the renaissance era, but it’s the Russian influence you mention that makes your music unique and sets it apart from all other genres, so you’re in a class of your own, and that’s what makes you a true artist!”

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