Andrew Clermont – A Crash Course to Didgeridoo Freedom


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Andrew Clermont Presents – A Crash Course in Digeridoo (for Beginners only) (DVD)
Segments are:
G’day/ The Lips/ Circular Breathing/ The Essential Circle/ With Didg/ Tone Changes/ Breathing recap/ Rhythm/ Rhythm 2/ Didg Talking/ Mid Summary/ Long Breath/ All together/ Low Tone/ Other Didgeridoos/ Harmonic Trumpeting/ Big Didg & Pitch/ Wrap Up
Soundtracks included: ‘Didgeridoo Blitz with Scotland’ (fiddle tune played by Jenny Lester)) – Live in Taiwan ‘The Crest of Gilmont’ – The Longing
ANDREW CLERMONT: The borders of music tumble as multi-instrumentalist Clermont challenges the musical moment with his unique ability to be a chameleon on Violin, Viola, Mandolin, Bass, Double bass, Tenor Banjo, Didgeridoo, Dulcimer, or Voice, while also 3 time Australian Bluegrass Guitar Champion!
Jeff Lang literally threw his guitar off at Woodford when their duet performance could go no higher! Seen through the years beside songwriters including – Pat Drummond, Norma O’Hara Murphy, Brent Parlane, Elizabeth Lord, Greg Champion, The Waifs, Beccy Cole, USA’s Tom T. Hall & Kate Campbell, and creating sound-scapes to their stories. He also recalls a cherished duet with Paul Kelly. Or recently with The (infamous) Pigs – then lately in Europe with powerhouse Rob Longstaff.
Amongst a myriad of recordings for others, and solo CDs ˜The Longing & Homegrown Vol 2 here , there are also releases with his partner players & bands ‘Parris Macleod’, ˜Totally Gourdgeous, ˜Fiddlers Festival, ‘Terra Australis’, ‘The Lawnmowers’, ‘BackBeat’, ‘The Supper Club’ and ‘Dya Singh’.

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