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A compilation album – “Australian Contemporary Blues” Featuring: Dean Haitani, Gunther Gorman, Dennis Wilson, Mark Tinson’s Steelville Cats, Joe Dolce, Rowley O’Brien, Ernie Van Veen, Atherton Brothers, Ngariki, Steve Plater & Tailshaker, SEAN Hale, Phil Manning, Bounty Hunters, Fire On The Hill, Moondog Blues, Micheal Peaker & Elizabeth Connelly, Doc Span Blues Band, Wendy Cochrane.

CD Review – by John Williams

This CD is chock full of great current Australian Blues music.
There are 18 artists on the album, some have been around for years while others are newer to the scene.
The compilation encompasses Texan, Cajun, Delta, Southern, Gospel and Country Swing styles and really does offer something for everybody.

The CD opens with Dean Haitani’s “Dissin’ Me” which gets the CD off to a great start.
It is followed by Gunther Gorman’s “The Business of Nothin”.

His wide experience over many years makes this track memorable.
Dennis Wilson follows with his song “Ain’t It Strange”.
It has some great guitar work you’ll enjoy.

Mark Tinson’s Steelville Cats bursts onto the CD with the instrumental track “Pistolero”, which features great guitar work and a strong drum presence.
This one will get your toes tapping for sure.

Joe Dolce’s “Marchin with Martin Luther King Junior” follows.
This legend of the Australian music scene does himself proud with this track.
Rowley O’Brien’s “Ross River Blues” is a catchy sound I’m sure you will enjoy.
“Simply You and Me” by Ernie Van Veen is a beautiful acoustic track.
I really liked it.

The Atherton Brothers follow in the same vein with “Just for You”.
Ngariki’s “Remember” is a driving song with great harmonica work.
I loved it!

This is followed by Steve Plater and Tailshaker with a great instrumental “Cruisin”.
Steve was with “Salty Dog” and his guitar work in this is fine stuff indeed.
Sean Hale’s “I Got Joy in My Soul” is a great Gospel Blues track.
Phil Manning, a founding member of Chain gives us “Warm Me Up”.
This was my favorite track and I loved the guitar work.
The Bounty Hunters with “Blue Days” makes an interesting change with the intriguing voice of Lyn Hinds a highlight.
The Canberra based Fire on the Hill give us “This Song” which I enjoyed.
Hot ‘n’ Cold Blue perform “Moondog Blues”.
A feature of this track is the great blues harp.
Sydney’s Michael Peaker and Elizabeth Connolly give us more Gospel Blues with “Can’t Find It”.
Elizabeth has a smoky sound to her voice which is a treat to listen to.
Doc Span follows with “Underground Shuffle”.
His over forty years experience shows through and this is a great track.
You’ll love it.

The CD concludes with Wendy Cochrane performing “Desperation Blues”.
The track is described as Swing Country Blues in the notes and certainly sends the CD off well.

If you are interested in the Blues you will certainly enjoy having this CD as a part of your collection.

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